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We love connecting with our partners in the credit union community! Will we see you soon? Read More
4/16/2022 | Blog
From inspiration to innovation, here's a look at how our people power our products. Read More
4/14/2022 | Blog
Are you ready for this? Our latest release helps you build smarter, deliver faster, and track the customer journey, too! Read up, then log in and see for yourself! Read More
4/4/2022 | Blog
We make decisions based on data, and the decision here is clear: We must all step up and stand with Ukraine. Read More
3/18/2022 | Blog
From employee success to customer success and all points in between, our VP of Success brings a comprehensive approach to winning at work. Read More
3/2/2022 | Blog
With a newly updated survey mobile app and more responsive survey design, SoGoSurvey works to improve customer experience and collect better data at every touchpoint and on every device. Read More
2/26/2022 | Blog
SoGoSurvey CEO Hamid Farooqui looks ahead to 2022 in this hotseat interview focusing on strategic growth and excitement in the year ahead. Read More
1/12/2022 | Blog
From the signature question type and 360 reporting to powered-up Omni reporting, CX milestones, and predictive analysis, 28.0 packs a major punch! Read More
11/14/2021 | Blog
“Over time we’ve focused our analytical power on drilling down on past experience, but today we’re setting our sights on improving future experiences, too.” Read More
11/13/2021 | PRWeb
A streamlined project creation flow leads to more engaging design options, expanded distribution capabilities, and powerful scoring and segmentation options in reports – not to mention all that's new in SoGoCX! Read More
8/7/2021 | Blog
"With this release, enterprises can push and pull data with ease from Salesforce. And with the simplicity of point-and-click functionality, this is probably one of the easiest-to-use enterprise applications on the market." Read More
5/7/2021 | PRWeb
“SoGoSurvey has earned a Top Rated Customer Experience Management Software award based entirely on feedback from their customers." Read More
4/1/2021 | PRWeb
This release makes it easier to pre-fill known data through new channels, expands analytics through scoring options like Percent Favorable and Net Intent, and dives deeper into customer experience data with tags for Dashboard tracking. Read More
3/23/2021 | Blog
SoGoSurvey offers a robust platform to deliver surveys and high-quality analysis at an affordable price. With the software, you can investigate customer engagement, experience, and find answers that inform positive change. Read More
1/18/2021 | Truested
Before this year wraps up, SoGoSurvey has a holiday treat for our users: SoGoSurvey 24.0! We are excited to roll out expanded options for our clients' use cases, mazimizing their ability to make the most of their data. Read More
12/19/2020 | Blog
SoGoSurvey 23.0 is here! This release brings a lot of new exciting updates to our platform, and we’re excited to be sharing all of the new features with you. Read More
10/3/2020 | Blog
SoGoSurvey 22.0 has made its debut, and we’re ready to show off its new updates and features! With changes implemented across the board to make your experience smoother and achieving your goals easier, SoGoSurvey 22.0 is here to help you shine. Read More
8/15/2020 | Blog
At (version!) 21, SoGoSurvey has plenty to offer from every angle. Arriving hot on the heels of our latest mobile app update, this release highlights the maturity of a platform that just keeps getting better. Read More
6/28/2020 | Blog
SoGoSurvey is a comprehensive survey software with plenty of distribution options and advanced data reporting features. Read More
5/12/2020 | TechRadar
Our vision has always been to provide the best platform to power the smartest decisions, and this release brings this vision to life. Read More
5/2/2020 | Blog
Our 19.0 release is all about providing you a unified experience that enables you to meet all of your goals in a single platform. Read More
2/20/2020 | Blog
As you probably know, we make updates to improve your experience pretty regularly. Sometimes it’s a big splashy release, and sometimes we’re just getting it done without too much fanfare. If you’re wondering what’s gone live recently, here’s a quick update. Read More
12/5/2019 | Blog
We’ve been teasing you for weeks about SoGoSurvey’s 17.0 release and it’s finally here! I’m super excited and can’t wait to share a few of my favorite updates. Read More
9/14/2019 | Blog
SoGoSurvey is a feature-rich, modern online survey tool that is pleasant to use and is a great value. Its reporting function is a notch above many competitors. Read More
8/1/2019 | PCMag
Enterprise online survey provider SoGoSurvey today rolled out its latest release, featuring enhancements that allow users maximum flexibility in conducting their research. The release coincides with the start of summer, a shout-out to the key concept behind the updates: freedom. Read More
6/24/2019 | Benzinga
Over half a million surveys have been done using the SaaS based SoGoSurvey platform. Adopting a bootstrap model, the company doubled their revenue in 2018. Hamid Farooqui, Cofounder and CEO, SoGoSurvey speaks with Express Computer. Read More
4/18/2019 | Express Computer
SoGoSurvey, the award-winning DC metro based online survey software, just announced the latest version of its SaaS platform, v12.0. The update is available as of 6 am EST, Jan 18th, 2019. Read More
3/28/2019 | PRWeb
Top-rated online survey software provider SoGoSurvey has announced its integration with Zapier, the premiere web-based automation software that enables simplified integration between applications. Read More
2/13/2019 | Markets Insider
Top-rated online survey software provider SoGoSurvey has released its latest update, with the aim to make it one of the fastest and easiest online survey tools for survey designers and administrators. Read More
9/7/2018 | PRWeb
SoGoSurvey has been recognized by Capterra as a survey software industry leader in two distinct reports released in July 2018: Most Popular and Most Affordable. Read More
8/7/2018 | PRWeb
SoGoSurvey has released an upgraded mobile app that links both the mobile app and web versions of its online survey platform. Read More
6/20/2018 | Destination CRM
US-based online survey specialist SoGoSurvey has launched an employee experience solution, promising organizations a picture of the 'complete employee journey'. Read More
6/15/2018 | Daily Research News Online
Leading online survey provider SoGoSurvey today released its latest update, tackling head-on key issues that get in the way of successful data collection. Read More
5/19/2018 | PRWeb
SoGoSurvey, a leading online survey provider, has been awarded Capterra's Best Value badge. Following 2017 awards in three other categories – Most Popular, Most Affordable, and Most User-Friendly – this is SoGoSurvey's first honor in 2018. Read More
1/30/2018 | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
SoGoSurvey, a SaaS provider of online survey and research tools, announced today the launch of its new customer experience solution. SoGoSurvey CX allows businesses to take a systematic approach to measuring customer feedback in order to inform strategic next steps. Read More
11/16/2017 | International Business Times
Enterprise online survey provider SoGoSurvey today rolled out its latest release, featuring enhancements that allow users maximum flexibility in conducting their research. The release coincides with the start of summer, a shout-out to the key concept behind the updates: freedom. Read More
10/19/2017 | SuperbCrew
SoGoSurvey has consistently climbed up the leadership ranks in the survey software industry. In its latest release, Capterra has ranked SoGoSurvey as the rare few survey software that's most popular, most user-friendly and most affordable. Read More
10/5/2017 | International Business Times
The modern workplace is headed towards a data-driven employee engagement strategy that has foundational benefits to organizational growth. Manifesting from the early spurts of innovation, HR technology has become an enabler for the transformational journey of the 'business of people. Read More
9/2017 | HR Tech Outlook
SoGoSurvey, a leading provider of online survey software, launches their Spring '17 release. This follows months of development to create the optimal online survey platform with the best reporting tool in the online survey industry. Read More
5/27/2017 | Miami Herald
Over the last few years, online surveys have transformed drastically. The time span needed to complete an online survey is much shorter than that of traditional methods as information is gathered automatically. Read More
10/06/2016 | Dataquest
SoGoSurvey, a provider of online survey software, announced the launched SoGoSurvey Summer '16. The release follows two years of development to create the most groundbreaking online survey platform in the industry and has become one of the best reporting tool in the Online Survey Business. Read More
9/23/2016 | Tech2
Online survey tool SoGoSurvey (which begins at $40 per month for the Pro plan) sports a similar user interface (UI) as SurveyMonkey; both UIs break up the steps needed to carry out survey design, distribution, and reporting. SoGoSurvey also effectively blends ease of use and power just like its similarly designed competitors. Read More
1/08/2016 | PCMag
It's fascinating for us to learn about all the brilliant ways SoGoSurvey is used for academic and science research. Especially when that research behooves our animal friends because, okay, we admit it, we're all softies for animals here. Read More
5/01/2014 | SoGoSurvey Blog
If the survey software you're using does not provide a feature called Guaranteed Anonymity, get rid of it now. Guaranteed Anonymity is so crucial for candid employee feedback that not having it turns your efforts into a waste of time. Read More
4/17/2014 | SoGoSurvey Blog
When we help our small business owners with customer feedback, support mode is on full throttle. We know what small-biz owners are up against because we're dependent on customer feedback, too. It's how we improve our product. Read More
4/07/2014 | SoGoSurvey Blog
We not only provide online surveys, we do them, too. Customer feedback helps us improve our services. The last survey we did knocked us for a loop and now, we get to brag (a little). Read More
3/26/2014 | SoGoSurvey Blog
We read an interesting article on titled Retailers: Your Surveys are Making Customers Suffer by Lydia Dishman, a Forbes contributor who covers fashion, retail and e-commerce. Although the article astutely covers the pitfalls of customer surveys, one prominent pitfall is overlooked: Read More
3/18/2014 | SoGoSurvey Blog
Want to create excitement for your event in the months ahead? Poll the participants. You'll not only get the lay of the land for planning purposes, you'll get them thinking about your event far in advance. The very activity of filling out a poll engages their curiosity and interest. Read More
3/04/2014 | SoGoSurvey Blog
SoGoSurvey, a leading provider of online survey software, is pleased to announce the availability of a dedicated set of field-tested K-12 school surveys that school administrators can deploy immediately to conduct their 2013-2014 school surveys. Read More
9/10/2013 | TMCNet
SoGoSurvey, a leading provider of online survey software, has been selected by entrepreneur Connie Connors to gather feedback on her latest business concept, The Divorce/by Data Project. Connors selected SoGoSurvey for its ease of use and sophistication. Read More
8/07/2013 | Digital Journal


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