Manufacturing Customer Experience

Transform loyalty and deliver products that capitalize on market demands with SoGoCX.

Have you evolved your CX strategy?
Engage customers and improve loyalty by transforming your CX strategy. SoGoCX gives you the answers you need to predict impact and realign priorities.
Experiences that make a difference

Understand customer needs and deliver experiences that intuit expectations.

At a glance


Get the complete overview of top highlights, changing key metrics, trends over time, and more.
Monitor changes


Keep tabs on what your customers are saying and assess trends to pivot strategies for the best experience.
Between the lines


Analyze sentiments, identify key drivers, and understand the changes required at key touchpoints to empower your brand.
Key Driver Analysis

Understand the reasons behind your metrics to create a powerful CX strategy that resonates with your customers.

Predictive Analysis

Which drivers have the maximum impact on customer loyalty? Realign your priorities to transform your business strategy.

API Integrations

Transform efficiency and ensure an integrated digital ecosystem with powerful APIs and integrations.

24x7 Customer Support

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Create a digital impact

Streamline your ecosystem

Augment your experience with an integrated digital ecosystem. Ensure every team is on the same page with platforms that speak to each other, and implement automation for a seamless workflow to get the feedback you need for superior experiences.

Insights, powered by analytics

Gathering insights is not enough. Better understand what your customers need with powerful analytics and reports.

Segmentation Analysis

Compare data using specific demographic tags and additional filters to identify critical connections.

Sentiment Analysis

Decode open-text responses and understand what your customers really feel.

Cross-Tab Report

View correlation between different factors to understand what needs to improve and where.

Share Live Reports

Share live reports with your team to ensure everyone’s on the same page – even those without a SoGoCX account!

Create a powerful customer experience

What do your customers need? Gather critical insights to optimize your customer experience and maximize impact by understanding key drivers and delivering an exceptional digital-first experience.

Upgrade your experience

Fuel your organization’s growth with solutions that help you proactively connect with your audience while ensuring an engaged workforce!

Case Study
Get the complete picture

Create meaningful experiences that resonate with your passengers with complementary solutions that take every aspect into account.

Proactively respond to your customers

Establish meaningful relationships with your customers by automatically flagging concerns and timely follow-through.

Flag critical tickets and route them to the right teams for immediate action.
Set up rules and alerts to automate processes and improve efficiency.
Analyze the nuances between negative feedback to improve experiences.
Empower your employees to excel

Understand what your employees need to create an engaging, collaborative, and innovative work culture.

Understand the pulse of your organization.
Assess competencies and identify learning gaps to improve professional development.
Bridge the employee experience gap to improve engagement and reduce churn.
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Create experiences that boost loyalty and transform business growth with SoGoCX.

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