Keep your finger on employee pulse

With SoGoEX pulse surveys, quickly assess the health and well-being of your workforce—and respond to problems before they escalate.

Check in before your employees check out

Pulse surveys allow you to keep tabs on how your employees are feeling at a specific moment in time—and to quickly assess the current “mood” or level of engagement within your workforce—or any other type of information you’d like to gather.

Your employee pulse survey

early warning system

Quick, direct, and regular, pulse surveys offer instant insights into employee sentiment and potential issues. While a traditional engagement survey may occur annually or bi-annually, pulse surveys encourage more frequent feedback—and that means more insight into your workforce.

Quick and easy

A pulse survey is short, less than 10 questions

Tracks information over time

Pulse surveys can track the evolution of sentiment or responses to questions

Regular and dependable

Pulse surveys occur at predictable intervals—weekly, monthly, quarterly

Occurs frequently

Pulse surveys are conducted more frequently that other surveys

With SoGoEX, you can easily design and distribute pulse surveys to collect the information you need, when you need it.

Time will tell

Pulse surveys introduce a crucial component to your engagement data: time.

With SoGoEX, you can easily collect employee feedback more frequently through pulse surveys, giving you the agility to react to issues more quickly. And pulse surveys allow you to plot trends over time, so you’ll have a better sense of your employees’ level of engagement.

Stay in touch with your people

Create a flexible, dynamic relationship with your employees with SoGoEX pulse surveys.

Show you value their feedback

Employees are engaged and more satisfied with their jobs when they feel that their feedback is valued. A pulse survey keeps you in regular contact with employees—and shows them that their opinions matter.

Develop a more complete picture

Even with just a few questions, both frequency and segmentation of pulse surveys can deliver a more nuanced understanding of your workforce.

Share information while collecting results

A pulse survey offers the perfect chance to hear from your employees, but also to communicate important updates, suggestions, and best practices.

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