The form builder that checks all the boxes

Whether you need participants to sign up, log in, or fill out, create engaging forms that provide an effortless experience.

Create an Intuitive Process

Design an online form that is conversational and captivating with our advanced features. Implement skip logic so your audience only sees the questions that relate to them, and use piping for a more interactive experience. It’s these little things that build trust, and ultimately give you more genuine responses.

Capture valuable data points with ease

Powerful, intuitive, and simple, SoGoSurvey’s online form builder makes it easy for your audience to give you the insights you need.



Use one of our professionally designed online form templates or start from scratch using advanced, interactive features to make your forms stand out.



Reach your audience on the platform of their choice. Use multi-channel distribution to be proactive or let your participants come to you with easy website embedding.



Powerful skip logic, answer piping that talks directly to the participants, multimedia embedding, and more ensure your participants remain captivated until the very end.

Let’s get started!

We have a template for every purpose. Select the template of your choice from the options below, add or remove questions, and enhance it with advanced features to get started.

Contact Us Form

Make it easy for your customers and other stakeholders to get in touch

View Template
Event Registration Form

Improve event planning by getting all the information you need beforehand.

View Template
Employment Application Form

Attract and evaluate the right candidates for the job by collecting critical insights.

View Template
Training Feedback Form

Improve your training effectiveness and professional development offerings with candid feedback.

View Template
Maintenance Request Form

Fix issues and processes faster to improve resident satisfaction.

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Volunteer Application Form

Grow your volunteer base by making it easy to apply.

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The most comprehensive and feature-rich online form builder

Numerous Question Types

Avoid confusion with the right question and answer format. Our online form builder lets you choose from a wide variety of question types to improve the quality of data you receive.

Share Real-Time Reports

You don’t have to wait to review results using our form builder’s powerful reporting module. Choose from a range of report types to share collected information with your team instantly and securely.

Pre-Designed Form Template

Save time and simplify design by selecting from our online form builder’s range of attractive templates. Complement your content with style that suits, all with just a few clicks.

Skip Logic for Smart Forms

Design smart online forms that skip irrelevant questions based on your respondents’ previous answers. Our form builder saves everyone time and improves the quality of your data.

Embed Multimedia

Include media in questions and answers to pique visual interest or share valuable context. Our form builder gives you the freedom to embed Images, videos, and attachments.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Post your form on Facebook, Twitter, or your choice of websites, send it via email or SMS, and more. No internet connection? You can also use the offline mode to get answers on ground!

Mobile-Ready Forms

Our online form builder is optimized for all devices, so you know it will look great regardless of the device it is viewed on.

Data Integrity and Fraud Protection

SoGoSurvey’s advanced online form maker allows you to limit responses per participant. You can also encrypt all of your data using HTTPS to ensure a secure experience.

Build Your Branding

Incorporate your brand style and logo and make your forms your own. For consistency and convenience, our online form creator lets you save your customized templates for future use.

Auto-Translate Forms

Extend your community reach with multilingual forms. You can create the form in your primary language and automatically translate it to 37 popular languages, helping you connect with a wider audience.

The platform that
goes the extra mile

Looking for a secure, robust, and advanced form builder? You’ve come to the right place.

Security at the Heart
At SoGoSurvey we understand that it isn’t just about collecting data, but ensuring privacy at every stage. SoGoSurvey has the strictest security and confidentiality protocols that are constantly updated to ensure that your data remains yours alone.

Feature-Rich Platform
Designed for sheer ease, we offer more advanced features and key integrations that any other platform. Collect and analyze your data hassle-free without breaking the bank!

Designed for Ease
Our intuitive UI makes the platform easy to operate for novices and experts alike, reducing the learning curve and ensuring you get the results you need.

Integrated Seamlessness
Operate across platforms without any hassle. You can streamline processes and assimilate SoGoSurvey with your existing ecosystem using our endless integrations.

4 easy ways to improve your forms (and participant engagement)

SoGoSurvey’s online forms give you all the key tools to get started. But here’s what you need to keep in mind to make the most of our platform.

Keep it short

Want to cut back on the abandonment rate? Make sure your form is as short as can be. The more complex the form appears, the more overwhelmed participants get.

Highlight data privacy

The world isn’t just becoming more digital, but people are becoming increasingly aware about data privacy. Reassure them that their data will remain private, that it won’t be shared with other parties, and express the importance of confidentiality for you. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Remember preferences

Use auto-fill to complete answers wherever possible and remember preferences. If a form was left incomplete, make it easy for participants to pick up where they left off, and you will immediately see an increase in responses!

Minimize the mandatory

You need data, but do you really need ALL of those answers? Reduce the number of items set as mandatory to provide focus and flexibility - and boost response rates.

Ready to get polling?

Explore our cutting edge form creator or get a demo to discover how SoGoSurvey can help fill in the blanks for you!

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