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The best surveys don’t feel like surveys at all. That’s why our online polling platform uses brief interactions as building blocks for larger projects or even for standalone insights. Engage customers and employees alike, build your brand and reach more people with easy online polling.

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Polls that power decisions

See real-time participant feedback to inform strategic decision-making.



Quickly create a poll and customize its design to increase engagement and connection.



Embed the poll on your website or share it across multiple channels to increase audience range.



See results in real-time to understand popular preferences, gain insights, and more.

Poll their preferences

Our no-fuss features make your polls go from questions to answers in no time!

Pre-Designed Online Poll Templates

Why start from scratch when you can select from our ready to use poll templates?

Real-Time Poll Reports

View live results, spot response patterns, and generate instant reports to understand the popular opinion.

Share Polls Anywhere

Connect with your audience on the platform of their choice with multi-channel distribution.

Multilingual Polls

SoGoSurvey’s online poll software supports 37 languages using automatic translation, helping you connect with your audience and get the best quality insights.

Brand and Customize your Poll

Create a poll that reflects your brand by customizing brand colors, fonts, and even add in your logo to create consistency. 

One Participant, One Response

Limit responses to one per link, avoiding ballot box stuffing and maintaining poll integrity.

Mobile-Ready Poll

Give participants the optimum experience to engage their attention with polls that adapt across device screens.

Embed Multimedia

Add visuals, music, or video to your online poll, enhancing appearance, providing valuable materials, and increasing engagement. 

The unrivalled advantage of
online polls

For all those times when you need a no-fuss quick response, our online polls have your back! They are easy to send out and quick to respond to, making them a must-have in your feedback toolbox.

Quick Answers
One question is all it takes to get the answer you need! With a single question to respond to, polls don’t feel like surveys yet they give you essential quantitative insights.

Higher Responses
Long surveys risk an increased abandonment rate, but a poll simply needs one click. Now you can get more responses in less time to gauge overall preferences.

More Authentic
Split second decisions are often more candid, and that’s just what polls deliver. By asking candidates a quick question, you’re more likely to increase the accuracy of their answers.

Easy Processing
With only one question, live updates help you spot trends over time, whereas quantitative analysis and visual graphs give you a clear picture of preferences - all at a glance!

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