3 Ways to Use Member Feedback Data to Power Credit Union Growth
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create exceptional experiences.

The most secure platform with stellar one-click reports and unmatched support.

Build a better experience.

SoGoSurvey provides a portfolio of products to meet every business need.

Data makes the difference.

Beyond features,
Solving the bigger problems
Predictive analytics that drive impactful decisions

Numbers aren’t the complete story. Understand the reasons behind your metrics to realign priorities and craft more effective business strategies.

Seamless integrations for all ecosystems

Nothing works in isolation. Unify critical platforms to create streamlined and effective business processes, leveraging the possibilities of technology and automation.

Intuitively designed to unlock power

A platform designed for everyone. With the shortest learning curve, SoGoSurvey helps you to quickly get the results you need.

Support that has your back

Got questions? We’ve got the answers! Boasting the best support team in the industry, SoGoSurvey offers user guides, training, 24/7 assistance, and much more to help you keep the data flowing.

Transform your business
with experience management.
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experience the sogosurvey difference
A suite of tools designed for every business purpose to catalyze growth
A team of research, design, and analytics experts delivering support
Leading security standards to ensure data privacy and confidentiality
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happy customers


“Thanks to the powerful analytics of SoGoCX, we have saved hours of work sifting through data and created visibility to actionable nuggets, so we can easily act on the feedback and make a difference for our members. As if this wasn’t enough, the support we have received along the way is second to none.”

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Sales and Accountability Leader
All In Federal Credit Union

“Amazing, quick, and easy reports”

“The kind of reports that I am able to pull for our exec team is impressive. They look at those and say things like, ‘This is amazing, it's quick, it's easy.’ I couldn’t get that with the last survey company we were utilizing. We’re able to do things I couldn’t have even imagined.”

Anthony Carbonari

Transition of Care Manager
Legacy Healthcare LLC

“Multiple means of distribution”

Bay Village Schools needed a survey tool that would provide them multiple means of distribution. “Using SoGoSurvey created an opportunity for 2-way communication with our community. It also makes it very easy to communicate with our staff. SoGoSurvey has met all of my needs.”

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Communications Director
Bay Village Schools

“Transforming how we communicate”

“SoGoSurvey understood how important this project was to me. They didn’t just sell me a member experience software, they helped me transform how we communicate with our members. My credit union started to see the high response rate and an overall satisfaction score of 9.45 [out of 10].”

Genice DeCorte

HealthShare Credit Union

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